Observation & Assessment 

Record Keeping & Assessments 

Key Workers complete a variety of observations and assessments on children throughout their time at nursery as well as track their progress and monitor development. This helps Key Workers better understand where children are in their learning, determine the progress being made and help identify and respond to their needs. All records and assessments kept on children are available for parents to view.

At Kids Corner Nursery, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage, an educational framework set out by the Department for Education detailing standards that all Early Years providers should meet. Learning and Developmental standards are divided into seven Areas of Learning. These include, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Physical Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design

We observe and assess against these standards to ensure that children are making expected progress across all areas of their learning in relation to their starting points and against what is expected for their age.  It also ensures timely intervention and personalised support can be implemented.


Key Workers complete a number of different observations on the children in their care. These take a variety of forms including narratives, snapshots, photos, diagrams and samples of work. These are added to children's online Learning Journals via Tapestry and can be viewed and commented on by parents at any time. Observations are then used to inform planning and direct learning.  


Both formative and summative assessments are completed on children to better understand where children are in their learning in relation to what is expected for their age. These assessments are shared with parents and help us to personalise learning and carefully tailor support. They are also shared between staff during room transitions to secure continuity of care and learning. 

Tracking Progress 

Children's progress and development is continually monitored and tracked by children's Key Workers. Every 6 months, progress across the curriculum is reviewed and summarised by Key Workers in a Progress Summary. This is shared with Parents and carers during Parents Evening to which all parents are invited. 


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